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Continuous Loop Sling
Continuous Loop Sling
Continuous Loop Sling

Midwest Rigging supplies continuous loop slings for virtually any application. We offer capacities from 2,600 lbs up to 125,000 lbs, with lengths ranging from 5′ to 50′.

Continuous loop slings are versatile nylon or polyester slings that may be used with any of the three most common hitches: vertical, basket or choker. The continuous loop sling is a lifting strap that is formed by joining the ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. This simple design makes continuous loop slings extremely economical and durable. Since the contact area can be easily changed during use, wear and tear on the fabric is dramatically decreased.

When measuring to determine the required length for a continuous loop sling, keep in mind the sling is laid flat and measured end to end, not measured as a circumference.

Let Midwest Rigging Supply be your worry-free one stop source for continuous loop slings and all of your rigging needs!