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Heavy Duty Dollies

Midwest Rigging Supply has several different types of rollers and skates. We can accommodate loads from 5 ton up to 24 ton per roller.

We have the following heavy duty dolly types available:

  • Professional Heavy Duty Dolly Sets
  • Steerable Heavy Duty Dollies

Midwest Rigging Supply’s heavy duty dollies offer the highest degree of reliability, durability, as well as the highest safety standard. Our steerable heavy duty dollies come with a thrust bearing supported turntable allowing free steering without the need to stop and reposition for turns. The heavy duty dollies can be pulled by hand or attach to a forklift for towing.

Advantages of our heavy duty dollies:

  • Rollers will not damage, scratch or mark floors
  • Move heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort
  • 3-Point system won’t slip out from under the load
  • Distance between the rear dollies is adjustable

Heavy duty dollies are used in aerospace, military, nuclear, and a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Need one of our heavy duty dollies for your project? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.