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Continuous Loop Sling

Midwest Rigging Supply makes your next large equipment moving project easier and more efficient with our selection of machinery skates. Machinery skates offer the ability to move equipment across a large distance while adding only minimal height to the equipment. Depending upon the form, mass, capacity, and application needs, we can recommend and supply machinery skates to get your job done.

Featuring an endless steel chain action design, our heavy duty machinery skates are low in height and high in capacity, combining the advantages of minimal lifting with controlled moving.

Machinery skates are available with two different top plate styles to fit various types of loads. Padded top styles feature a built-in neoprene pad, which allows for some compression and provides a non-slip surface. Diamond top styles have a spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment.

Machinery skates are available in two basic configurations, swivel and rigid. For straight line moves, rigid machinery skates are the best option. For turns swivel machinery skates are the right choice.

Midwest Rigging Supply has several different types of machinery skates. We can accommodate loads from 5 ton up to 100 ton per roller.

Available Machinery Skates

  • Machinery skates
  • Rigger Skates
  • I-Beam rollers
  • Need machinery skates for your project? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.