Rigging Equipment Checklist

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Man Baskets OSHA certified man baskets from Midwest Rigging Supply provide excellent protection and stability for projects that require manual work to be done at high elevations. These heavy-duty crane supported man baskets are designed to meet the toughest demands of construction and other industrial applications. Our man baskets are rated for 1-4 man use depending on size and rated weigh capacity. Midwest Rigging man baskets are designed and manufactured to meet all Federal and OSHA regulations related to overhead lifting. All baskets are fully inspected and certified according to OSHA 1926.550 and ASME B30.23 requirements.

Standard Man Basket Features

  • High mesh sides
  • Self-closing swing-in front door with latch
  • Reinforced mesh roof
  • 4 hook points on top to attach to overhead lifting device
  • Full perimeter safety harness hook-up
  • Standard fork pockets
Man baskets must be tested each and every time they are used. Test weight must be rated for 1.25 times the weight of the basket. Operators must factor in the weight of all accessories and tools when determining number of personnel utilizing the man basket. Midwest Rigging Supply can provide you with everything you need for use with our man baskets. Before you leave the ground, it is crucial that you check for the following items:
  • Safety harness
  • Slings required
  • Fall arrester
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