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Continuous Loop Sling

Nylon slings offer the benefits of being lightweight and flexible, while also providing a wider surface upon which to hold the load. This sling design is ideal for preventing damage to the material that is being lifted. Midwest Rigging offers a wide selection of heavy duty nylon slings for the crane, rigging, and material handling industries.

Heavy duty nylon slings and straps used for crane and rigging applications offer stretch characteristics that help to reduce the effects of shock loading. The nylon sling eyes are wrapped with supplemental material at the bearing points of the sling eyes to prevent damage at the connection points, enhancing the performance and reliability of the nylon sling. Our nylon slings are available in vertical, chocker, and vertical basket configurations, with rated capacities up to 72,000 lbs.

Midwest Rigging Supply provides end-to-end Nylon web slings in sizes of 1 to 4 ply, up to 12″ inches wide and lengths from 5′ up to 50′.

Let Midwest Rigging Supply be your worry-free one stop source for Nylon slings and all of your rigging needs!