Rigging Equipment Checklist

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Power Attack

Power Attack Bar – A Power Attack Bar is a battery powered device can be used to shift and maneuver loads of up to 30 tons with the use of steerable-skates and a retractable undercarriage.

Lifting Triangle

Lifting Triangle – A triangle shaped steel plate with a lifting hole in each corner. Works as a simple yet effective spreader for cables and slings.

Truss hook – A truss hook is a releasable clamp that is used when setting specific materials. The release is attached to a long rope so that it may be release from many different distances.

Snatch Block

Snatch Block – A pulley-block that can be opened to receive the bight of a rope.

Chain Falls

Chain falls – Chain falls are ideal for applications that require movability and value. MRS offers a variety of chain fall hoists, ranging from light to premium duty. When selecting a hand chain hoist, it is important to consider chain pull required, overhaul length and frame material.

Come Along

Come alongs – Lever hoists and come alongs provide portable lifting power with only a few turns of a handle. Come alongs are versatile and inexpensive, but powerful. When making your come along selection, it is important to consider the handle pull required, handle length and frame material. MRS offers a variety of lever hoists and come alongs, ranging from light to premium duty.

Beam Clamp

Beam Clamps – MRS Beam clamps are dependable and robust, completely constructed of steel that is durable yet lightweight. Our beam clamps fit securely on a wide range of flange widths and beam sizes, with a built-in suspension bar that allows close mounting. The clamp jaw design reduces flange stress by distributing the load away from the flange edge. Beam clamps can be used for permanent or temporary mounting.

Beam Trolleys

Beam Trolleys – Beam trolleys are adjustable to fit standard or wide flange I-beam tracks and are capable of moving up to 2000 lb. with a modest push. The dual wheels work on both straight and curved tracks. Beam trolleys feature a durable finish and pre-lubricated sealed bearings to withstand heavy us. Beam trolleys are ideal material handling solution for warehouses, garages and other industrial areas.



Hooks – Hoist hooks, sling hooks and other rigging and lifting hooks are essential for many rigging applications, but can differ widely in design, strength and capacity.

Master Link

Master Link – A Master Link is a roller chain accessory that allows convenient connection and disconnection of a chain without the need of a chain tool.

Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts – Eye bolts & Eye lags are bolts or screws with a circular ring on the head.


Turnbuckles – A device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. It normally consists of two threaded eye bolts, screwed into each end of a small metal frame, one with a left-hand thread and the other with a right-hand thread. The tension can be adjusted by rotating the frame, which causes both eye bolts to be screwed in or out simultaneously, without twisting the eye bolts or attached cables.

Turnbuckles combine strength and durability, yet are simple to set up and adjust.