Do I need a P.O. to place my order?

All orders require a P.O.#.

What are the minimum days can I rent?

All rentals are 1 week minimum.

How many days are calculated in the monthly rate?

Monthly rates are for 28 days.

What is the daily rate?

Daily rates are 1/7 of the weekly rates.

Are there any discounts?

MRS offers discounts based upon duration of rental – determined when order is initially placed.

When does the rental officially begin?

Rentals start the day after shipment if shipped by a common carrier such as UPS or FedEx.

How do you charge for freight?

MRS would prefer to ship equipment collect. For customer pick up, rentals start the day of pickup. If it is necessary to be shipped prepaid, a charge will be added to the freight invoice.

How do you charge for a local delivery?

For local delivery by MRS, rates are determined depending upon distance of delivery site from the LGH warehouse, from which the equipment will be delivered.

When is the end date of my rental?

Rental stops when customer contacts MRS to terminate rental and receives an off-rental release number.

Can I get the test certification documents?

Test certificates are available upon request.

How do you charge for damage?

Any damaged rental equipment will be evaluated. The customer will be notified via a damage report outlining the damage and cost after 7 days. At this time an invoice will be issued for the repairs.

How do you charge for lost equipment?

Any lost equipment will be charged at replacement cost, and all rental fees accrued to date must be paid in full.

If I need to cancel my order, how much the fee will be?

30% of the rental or sale value of the order that had been prepared for delivery or pick-up will be the fee for cancelling the order. Any material purchased for completion of an order will be invoiced in full.

What happens if I damage the equipment?

It is our corporate policy to make every effort possible to replace or repair any inoperable equipment as quickly as possible. If determined to be the fault of the user, all cost for the replacement or repair will be invoiced to the customer.

Will any transaction taxes be charged?

Transaction taxes on rental equipment will be charged according to the rules of all governments and municipalities in your area.

I am tax exempt, how do I avoid being charged taxes?

If you feel your order is tax exempt, proof of tax exemptions are required. Please submit via fax to (708) 598-4778 in order to avoid being charged tax.