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Quality, dependable shackles are a critical component when it comes to your rigging gear. Used to secure and lift loads, good shackles offer protection and control while maneuvering loads. By design shackles provide high breaking strength. Solid enough to withstand the toughest rigging challenges, Midwest Rigging forged steel shackles perform safely and reliably when properly used.

Green Pin Shackles

Our shackles are used in lifting and static systems as removable links to connect wire rope, chain and other fittings. Our lifting application shackles are stamped to specify the quality and safety of use of the shackles, with information including:
  • Working Load Limit
  • Manufacturer’s Identification Symbol
  • Traceability Code
  • Steel Grade
  • CE Conformity Code
Midwest Rigging offers a great selection of Green Pin® shackles for solid performance you can count on for your rigging project. Whether you need to rent or buy shackles to meet the demands of your rigging job, Midwest Rigging meets your needs for quality, American-made shackles in a variety of configurations. Browse our product selection, then contact us to discuss your project!