Rigging Equipment Checklist

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Midwest Rigging offers a wide selection of slings appropriate for safely moving loads in your facility. As a trusted rigging equipment supplier, we are known for quality, service and selection in providing reliable slings for crane, rigging, and material handling applications. Our experienced staff can assist you in selecting the best slings to suit your intended use, based upon size and type of load, as well as the environmental conditions.


Wire Rope Slings

Continuous Loop Slings

When choosing slings for your rigging project, it is critical to understand how different types of slings are suited for different jobs according to their fabrication material and design attributes. While synthetic slings offer lighter weight and ease of use, these slings can be susceptible to heat and abrasion. Wire rope slings can offer high work load limits with performance at higher temperatures.

Midwest Rigging offers a great selection of synthetic slings, wire rope slings, and continuous loop slings that provide performance you can count on for your rigging project. No matter what you need, Midwest Rigging makes sure you are ready to meet the demands of your rigging job with a great selection of quality, American-made slings.

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