Rigging Equipment Checklist

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Continuous Loop Sling

Midwest Rigging Supply has high-quality spreader beams available for assistance in safely lifting uneven loads and keeping them level. Typically spreader beams will have a two legged bottom sling, but in some cases they can hook directly into the load to save headroom.

Spreader beams that incorporate a two-legged top sling have lug holes on the top of the spreader beam centerline to align with a given sling angle, ensuring pure compression. Spreader beams offer greater stability than a lifting beam and offer a potentially higher capacity for each set section of steel. Spreader beams require more headroom than lifting beams to accommodate the two-legged sling arrangement.

Midwest Rigging has compression spreader beams available for rent or sale with lifting capacities from 5 to 406 tons. Available widths from 5′ up to 40′ depending on diameter of spreader bar end caps. Our spreader beams are easy to transport and assemble.

Let Midwest Rigging Supply be your worry-free one stop source for spreader beams and all of your rigging needs!