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Continuous Loop Sling
Continuous Loop Sling

Wire rope slings are used extensively throughout a variety of industries in lifting sling applications. Also referred to as wire cable slings, wire rope slings are more durable than nylon slings and can be used in situations involving higher temperature limits. Midwest Rigging Supply offers end-end wire rope slings, which are available in vertical, choker, and vertical basket configurations.

Wire rope slings provide excellent security that is superior to other types of slings. The constructional numbers on wire rope slings refer to the number of strands, which are helically wound around a core. The core supports the strands of the wire rope lifting sling.

Midwest Rigging Supply carries wire rope slings ranging from 3/8″ up to 4″ in diameter with vertical capacities ranging from 2,800 lbs to 260,000 lbs. We can provide lengths from 5′ up 50′ in stock on certain sizes. Multi-part wire rope slings ranging from 7/8″ 8-part up to 1 3/4″ 9-part are also available. We stock lengths from 10′ to 30 ft’ on certain sizes and capacities range from 90,000 lbs to 386,000 lbs in a vertical pull. Both single and multi-part wire rope slings can be ordered in longer lengths to meet your specific needs.

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